Hames, Blair & Carrie (Spring 2009)

Hames Journey – Spring 2009

Greetings from sunny Florida!
The staff of Teen Missions have spent the last few months getting ready for the hundreds of teens who will soon be coming to The Lord’s Boot Camp to be trained as missionaries.  The Big Tops are going up, final travel arrangements are being made, food is being ordered, the slough will soon be filled with water (yes, we fill it up – just for you!) and all the other preparations it takes to transform Teen Missions property into a training ground for young missionaries.  Soon the staff will trade in their air-conditioned offices and comfortable beds at home for long days in the summer heat and nights in mosquito filled tents.  I can’t wait!

Many people are familiar with the ministry of Teen Missions in the United States – the Lord’s Boot Camp and summer mission trips – but Teen Missions is more than a local short-term mission agency, it’s a growing mission organization that stretches around the globe.  All of our behind the scenes work the rest of the year here at the International Headquarters is vital to what Teen Missions does around the world.

Teen Missions runs 37 Overseas Boot Camps in 22 countries.  These overseas Boot Camps follow a program similar to the one here  in the United States. Each participant is placed on a team and receives Boot Camp training in construction, evangelism, Bible, teamwork and discipline. After Boot Camp, the teams embark to cities and villages in the surrounding areas. They do work projects such as building churches, renovating schools and helping the villagers on small projects. They also have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with the locals and in churches. In most countries the team members attend free—their cost is built into the team cost of the North American teams. I would like to share an update from our staff in Malawi as an example of the kind of work that is taking place around the world.

“Our students have been doing wonderful and great work. Three students have been working with me on the Garden House. So far we have nailed the tin, made the forms for the slab to be the roof and are currently tying the steel that will be in the slab. Two students have been putting up the chain-link fence around the newly built rabbit house which is not yet finished but 75% of it is done. The very same students are also working on making a door and a gate for the house and fence. Two students have been working on making beds. They have so far nailed together two single beds and are currently working on the third. The remaining students have been serving in different responsibilities like taking care of goats, pigs, chickens, cattle, ducks, turkeys, doves, flowers, fruit trees and gardens. One student has been taking typing lessons on the computer.
It was decided that the students this term will be doing Sunday School in the three nearest units to the base here in Malawi. These units are Melisa Foster, House of Joel and SonRise Palms. First we gave all the students a four hour basic training on the Sunday School program. A few days later they were sent out into the area around the three Sunday School locations for door to door ministry, which was intended to bring awareness to the communities about the Sunday School program to be started the next week. The door to door ministries that were carried out were very successful. Some people came to the Lord and many were interested t
o be part of the Sunday School classes.”
Our plan is still to lead the Sweden team this summer and assist the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) base as they prepare to open a wilderness Discipleship Training School in the Lappland region of Sweden.  The base is located about three hours south of the Arctic Circle and in the summer months has almost constant daylight.   At this time we have 11 team members and one assistant leader signed up.   Pray that the Lord will prepare our hearts to minister to the Swedish people and that the work we do will be a great blessing to the staff at the YWAM base.  We have committed to leading the team and are trusting that the Lord will provide the additional $6,500 we still need to cover the travel expenses for our family.   I have included our field address if you would like to send us a letter this summer.  We’d love to hear from you!

Every summer we face the same challenge of raising the finances to travel as a family.  We would like to try a new approach and find a team of supporters who can give specifically to our summer expenses.  We are praying for 50 people to join our “Summer Finance Team.”  If 50 people can commit to give $200 a year, (or the same as giving about $17 a month) all of our summer expenses would be covered!  Would you be willing to make a donation, once a year, to help fill this need we have?  I realize not all of you are in a position to commit to a large amount at this time, but a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.  If $10 a year is what you are able to give, it will still be a huge blessing to our family.  Donations can be sent in any time throughout the year, all at once or as you are able.  Please make checks payable to Teen Missions Intl. and specify that you want your donation to be used for the Hames Summer Expenses.

We had another meeting with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist in March and Liam will be getting his tonsils and adenoids removed on May 6th.  Please pray with us that this will help his language development.  After being able to observe him for a few months his doctors and speech teachers agree that his tonsils have a direct impact on his speech.  The sounds Liam has a hard time making are the sounds made in the throat, so when his tonsils are swollen and sore he replaces those letters with ones that are easier to make.  Once we get those tonsils out of his way and he is able to speak pain-free, we are praying that he makes quick progress.   dsc_9261

The other kids are doing well. We praise the Lord for blessing us with good health all winter. Blair and I have talked a lot recently about how much we want to enjoy our children while they are young and we’ve really made that a priority the last few months.  We want our children to grow up knowing how much they are loved by their parents and by their Savior. Lots of time has been spent playing on the beach and throwing the football in the yard. We have a limited number of days before they are grown and moving out on their own and I want to make every one count. It’s hard to believe Jaden is going to be turning eight this summer! Riley loves riding his tricycle up and down the street and can almost reach the petals. We have started doing some potty training and he is so proud of being one of the “big” kids.  He adores his sister and follows her around like a puppy dog and she loves being the little mommy and taking care of him, too. It works out nicely and some days it makes my job a whole lot easier!

Did you notice that we changed the name of our newsletter to Hames Journey?  We have  kind of made this our motto lately and think it fits well.  The Lord is leading us on an  incredible journey in ministry and as a family and we are excited to see what lies ahead.  Our prayer is that we will be able to influence the world for Jesus Christ along the way.   We have also started a blog and have a website  using the same name.  If you would like to get more frequent updates on our journey through life visit  www.hamesjourney.blogspot.com or our website at www.hamesjourney.com.   We do our best to keep them up to date.

Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers.  We love and appreciate all of you so much.  Your words of encouragement and support of our ministry mean so much to our family.   Praise the Lord that our prayers do not fall on deaf ears!  We serve the true and Living God who loves us and knows us all by name.   What a privilege!

Because He’s Worthy,

The Hames Family

(Letters should be mailed by July 5th)
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Blair and Carrie Hames
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