Chicas, Chico & Kathy (Spring 2009)

Chicas’ Chit-Chat – Spring 2009

Dear friends and family,

We have a lot to be thankful for. First of all, we are thankful for your prayers and financial support that enables us to continue in this tremendous ministry.

At the writing of our last newsletter, the national teams had just left Boot Camp and were heading to their projects. Well, God did some marvelous things through those young people and we would like to report some of that to you. This year, we had three teams in areas of Honduras where there are still tribal communities: the Lenca, Maya-Chortis, and Garifuna. One team was able to sew school uniforms and give them to 65 Maya-Chortis children so they can attend school. Thanks to the evangelism also done by the team, there are now 50 more lives that we will see in heaven! Another team ran Vacation Bible School for Garifuna children on the northern coast of Honduras. They were privileged to lead 250 children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! There were six teams in all, some did construction projects and others were purely evangelistic teams, but all saw God working in and through them.

One story we’d like to share is from a team who went to the Lenca tribe. One team member asked a woman if she knew Jesus. She replied, “Yes, he is my neighbor.” As the member explained about Jesus, the Son of God, he was shocked to find out that there are people in his own country who had never heard the gospel. This story has a happy ending as this woman prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior! While those who found eternal life in Christ are treasured as the greatest victories, we also praise the Lord for what He did in the lives of the team members themselves. Most of them said their time with Teen Missions was the greatest thing they had ever done in their life. At the closing ceremony, 80 leaders and team members made commitments to follow the Lord in full-time service!

January ended with the completion of the Boot Camp program and everyone went home. abigailbwThose who would return as students in the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW) needed to be here by February 14th as classes were scheduled to begin on the 16th. During those two weeks, we rested, cleaned and prepared for the new term that would be starting. Our family was very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl, so each day brought the question, “Would this be the day?” The 14th came and the new students arrived – four new ones to add to the four students we had from the previous year. And that night, more excitement began. At 12:20 a.m. we headed toward the hospital. After stopping for a medical exam in Santa Cruz, we arrived at the hospital in Siguatepeque at 2:40 a.m. And, as most of you have already heard, Abigail Grace was born at 3 a.m. A huge answer to prayer, for which we give all the glory to God! It was a healthy delivery and everything went very well!

During Boot Camp, one student was commissioned to his one-year internship. Normally, he would have left on February 1st to work with the ministry he chose. But since his family was moving, he has stayed here and has been a great help to us in many areas including cooking in the kitchen while Kathy has been with the baby. Another blessing was that Kathy’s sister was able to be with us for 11 days after Abigail’s birth. Daniel and Samuel enjoyed having their aunt here, and she had a good visit. She even gave the students an English class while she was here.

Finally, we are thankful for the first missions team from Salem Evangelical Church that came to Teen Missions Honduras! In spite of a few mishaps, they were able to accomplish an amazing amount of work for the amount of time they were here. Current and future students, Boot Camps, and retreats will all appreciate the new roof over the kitchen and dining room, the newly screened windows, the freshly painted bathrooms, and new shelves for storage. In addition to the projects they worked on for Teen Missions, they also brought with them a surprise for our family. The church had taken an offering before the team left and they shocked us when they handed us the cash to purchase a new vehicle. We do give praise to God for this, as only He knows how long we had been praying for a reliable vehicle. The team also assisted in our outreach program to the high school and we held a carnival-type fun day with games and snacks. Over 70 kids came and heard a message from the pastor about how we only have one life so we better be careful how we spend it – the best way is giving it to God. The next week, the high school invited us to share a “positive message” for AIDS awareness week. One of the boys from the team shared and 23 kids prayed to receive Christ! Glory to God! The students and our family were truly blessed with friendships on this team, what a special group of people you are. We are looking forward to all the teams that can come in the future.

In our last newsletter, we shared about the opportunity that Daniel has to go on a Preteen team to Ecuador this summer. He is currently in the support-raising process and if any of you would like to contribute, you may do so online or by mailing in the coupon below. Just make sure to indicate his name on the coupon and not on the check (for tax purposes).

It has been an incredible few months, just loaded with blessings from our Heavenly Father. As grateful as we are, we also pray that God is caring for you and your families, as you have so faithfully cared for us.

Expanding the kingdom together,
Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas
Apartado 4094
San Pedro Sula
[email protected]


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