Deegan, Sean & Sharon (Spring 2009)

easter-2009-239Servants of the Most High – Spring 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

These past few months have been very wonderful for our family and we are excited to share it with you. We do hope that this letter finds all of you well and the Lord has been blessing you tremendously just as He has been blessing us.

In the last letter, we mentioned that we are pregnant with our second baby. We are thrilled to announce that we are going to be having a little boy! We are naming him Aiden Patrick and he is due on June 22nd. With this little man being due in the middle of the summer, we will not be going on a team this summer. I (Sharon) will be staying home with the kids and Sean will be working on the property during Boot Camp and staying as staff after the kids have gone  to the countries the Lord has destined for them. It will be the first time Sean has not been on a team since 1999 so this will be very strange for him, but exciting at the same time. The anticipation of the birth of our son gets stronger every day and Kieley is barely starting to understand what exactly is happening. We ask her where baby Aiden is and she points at my tummy. It has also helped with the switching of rooms and calling her old room the baby’s room. She has been so cute slowly figuring this out.

In late February, Kieley and I were blessed with a trip to Georgia to visit my family. My parents are always happy to see Kieley and now my growing belly. It was wonderful seeing family again. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, because while Kieley and I were in Georgia, Sean was back home in Florida renovating our trailer. He put new floors in all the rooms and switched all of our bedrooms around. While he was doing this in Kieley’s future room, which was our old room, he found black mold in the wall and floor. He tried fixing the wall and floor as fast as he could, but it took longer for him than we thought to completely finish it before we came back from Georgia. What was supposed to be a two week trip ended up being almost four weeks. My parents drove back with me to see all the improvements done on the trailer and we were all ecstatic to see how great the house looked. Sean did such a great job and we thank all of those who helped him.

Shortly after returning from Georgia, we drove to North Carolina for a wedding and to zoo-pictures-031visit with Sean’s parents. It was nice to be there for Sean’s Dad’s birthday. We have never been there during that time so it was nice that Kieley was there for her Grandpa’s birthday.

We have been back home as a family now for about three weeks. Boot Camp will be starting in about one month and there has been so much preparation for this exciting time of the year. The Big Top tents are going up and will very soon be filled with hundreds of kids that will be trained in doing the Lord’s work all over the world. We ask that even though we will not be going on a team this year that your prayers will still be with those who have said “I will go” this summer. We know the Lord will do mighty things in the lives of those kids and the people they will meet this summer. We also ask for your continuing prayer and financial support. We understand that these are hard times for us all but we know that the Lord will always provide for our every need and we see that daily. We thank those who have continued your support for us and we pray that the Lord will always provide, protect and show His goodness in every way to you all.

Thank you again for all that you have done for us and may the Lord bless you always.
The Deegan Family


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