Aronson, Emery & Linda (Spring 2009)

Keeping Up with the Aronsons – Spring 2009


We had a joyous occasion at Matthew’s wedding.  It was hard to see our youngest get _m3812married, but good to know we are getting a daughter.  We had family come in from all over.  Linda’s sisters from Canada and Massachusets came, as well as Bonnie and her husband Ray who are missionaries in Hati.  Emery’s sister from Portland, Oregaon make the trip and it was a joy to have so many family members here.  Matthew’s cousins and a friend of his were in the wedding as well as Jacqi’ s brother.

It is a busy year for weddings: my sister’s oldest is getting married on May 16th.  We would love to go, but with Boot Camp coming soon we will not be able to get the time off.  I am glad I was able to get to my other nieces wedding a year ago in December.  Emery’s nephew is also getting married in May and his brother and wife will be in Florida, so we are hoping to be able to meet up with him and spend some time with them.

Linda will again be working with the Mustards Seeds this summer.  It is a joy to be able to work with the young kids because they are so eager to learn and they remember a lot of what you teach.  Many of them share on the way home all of what they have learned and even tell the Bible verses that they memorized.  It is wonderful to be able to teach them at such a young age.

We also have a tough subject to talk about and that is the fact we are in need of another car.  Please pray with us that a car will become available at a good price, and that we will have the money for it.

We will be staying here in Florida during the summer again.  We will keep busy with bus runs to the airports and keeping up with finances.  This year all of the Debriefs will be coming back to Florida.  We will be busy with things in the Finance Department, arranging debrief sightseeing days to Wet N Wild and taking the teams to the beach.  We will also help with running the canteen at Debrief for the kids to get a snack and some refreshments.

If you know of any other people who may want to go on a team there are teams still open.

The Aronsons


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