Kostner, Paul & Beth (Spring 2009)

kostner-2009Kostners’ Komments – Spring 2009

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” Ps. 56:3
“Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid.” Is. 12: 2a
“Pray without ceasing.” I Thes. 5:17

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

These verses mean a lot to me. I am learning what it really means to “pray without ceasing”. One would think that I would have the faith and trust thing down pat. After all, I have been serving the Lord for how many years? However, now I have a sixteen-year-old daughter who is driving and she’s driving without an adult in the car! I watch as she is slowly slipping away into that phase of her life called adulthood. I’m not sure how I feel about this independence. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we traveled to the Philippines and brought home a precious, but scared three-year-old? I called my mom the other day and asked her how she ever let us drive on our own. She said that it scared her to death and she made us call if we ever heard an ambulance. Now, this was before cell phones, so we had to have a bunch of dimes in our car. Funny, but I don’t remember that. Maybe Lindsay won’t remember my fear either…
It’s now mid-April. Where did this year go????? The temperatures are rising and the dreaded humidity is here! Mosquitoes are starting to make their presence known. All the Big Top tents (except Big Top #1) are up. Phone calls, emails and paperwork are increasing. In just over six weeks, leaders will be arriving, and shortly after, team members. It is getting exciting! What we have worked for since September is about to happen. I can’t wait!
As I said above, Lindsay is driving all on her own. She is also working two or three days a week cleaning a local church. It is a good job for her and she is able to work it around her schoolwork and soccer (and not necessarily in that order). Her high school soccer team made it to regional finals and came from a 3-0 deficit to send the final game into overtime before losing. Her club soccer team won their region and was runner-up in the state. She is excited about going to Thailand this summer. She has almost all of her support—praise the Lord! Please pray for her this summer—for health and safety and that she will be sensitive to all that the Lord wants to teach her. Please pray as she tries to be a light among her non-Christian friends.
Colton is about ready to graduate to middle school! The sixth graders are taking a trip to Sea World next month and he is excited about that. I’m still having problems with keeping him in shoes. I keep reminding myself that his feet will eventually stop growing. He is planning on staying home with us this summer. He doesn’t know all the plans we have for him. Please pray that he will be productive this summer. Pray that he will work on developing his relationship with the Lord and see the need to have His guidance as he embarks on the tumultuous middle school years.
Danae just turned eleven this month. She loves it now that her sister can drive her everywhere. School and soccer keep her busy. She is really looking forward to going to Malawi this summer. She is lacking just under $600 of her support, but we are confident that the Lord will supply it. Am I actually letting my 11-year-old daughter go to Africa? There goes that “faith” and “trust” thing again. Please pray for her health and safety this summer in Malawi. Pray that she will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading and she will cultivate her servant’s heart.
B.J. is excited about planting trees this summer with the Peanut program. He has all of his support—praise the Lord! He is doing fine in school, but still lags behind in reading. For some reason, he would rather play than read. His soccer team is doing well. They are playing “up” an age group this season so that they will encounter more competition. Please pray for BJ while he serves the Lord on his Peanut team. Pray he will see a need to live daily for Him. Pray also that he and his brother will work on developing a closer relationship while they are “alone” this summer.
We are excited about staying home and helping run the office this summer. We are not sure who will be staying home and helping us. The “unknown” makes it more exciting. All of the teams are debriefing here, so “down” time will be the few days between the last teams leaving and the first teams arriving for Debrief. We will be “moving out” the first week in June and will not move home until August 17. There will be much to do—manning the phones 24/7, answering emails, putting reports on the web, cleaning the dorms, cooking, taking care of the grounds and helping with any issues that arise overseas. Once the teams come back for Debrief, we will be adding teaching, helping with transporting the teams, cleaning and lots of cooking. Please pray for wisdom for us, especially as we deal with scared parents and anxious leaders. Pray that even with the busyness of the summer, we will seek His face daily. Also, please pray that our support will remain consistent over the summer months.
There is never a dull moment in this ministry. The Lord is constantly working all over the world through the many aspects of this ministry—whether it is at our Aids Orphans Rescue Units, the 25 overseas BMWs, or in the offices here and in Canada. Lives are being changed for eternity. There are about 600 more lives that are about to be impacted eternally—they start arriving at the beginning of June. Thank you so much for your prayers and sacrificial giving that allow us to have a small part in the big picture!

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Lindsay, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner


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