North Madagascar update

Retreat CooksGreetings!

BMW and Staff

Everyone here at the base is doing well, praise the Lord. We are all healthy and safe.

Reaching out

We have noticed that those who are following the  Weekly Bible study are growing in their interest on the words of God. They are growing in number as well. Some of them have personal problems and are asking for prayers, they are eager if they Bible study is going to continue. Some of the young ones are interesting in coming for Boot-Camp. Also there is one group that has started Bible Study at another village.
As for the Kid’s ministry every Saturday, there are 42 kids that attended last week, we divided them in three groups according to their ages. Each had Bible lessons and time to play together, praise and did memory verse. They were told to lead more children from their area to come every Saturday.


We continue to plant sweet potatoes, there is no more rain now so watering is taking much of our time. Staff are now  joining the BMW working in the garden before breakfast. The garden is getting more and more planted, we pray that the Lord will bless them.


The chickens seems to be doing good.  We have problems with rats in the chicken house , there has been few chicken that were eaten by rats. We are trying to get rid of the rats using rat nets.


One student was working laying bricks at Nirina school. For the conference center, we are now working on the outside, the Teen Missions sign from the main road which was no good anymore has been changed, the sign is not yet painted but will be soon. Some of the outside wall at the Joe Short school has been cleaned and repainted. At the front of the dorm it is now looking nice, the grass mowed, the sides were painted.


Few kids have come to register, we have set a new policy for FTMs. If the FTM wants to come for BC, then they have to bring new team members corresponding to the number of years they have participated with Teen Missions. Usually 50% of the team members are FTMs, and they became stubborn since they know the program well already. So we are trying this new idea out this year.

Thank you for praying for us! God bless you!


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