Update from India

Boot Camp BlockmakingIt’s Boot Camp time!

We have 24 leaders and 131 team members on 8 teams. We are about halfway through Boot Camp, and the kids are loving it! They are having a great time. It has also been much cooler, Praise the Lord! We’ve had 64 decisions for Christ, and 27 rededicated their lives to Christ.

Here is the list of teams and what they will be doing.

Atkur team: They will help make fencing, make bricks and make rooms in the newly constructed 2nd floor in our base.

Lanka team: This team will evangelize in a tribal area district for ten days and move for ten days toward the head quarter of the district with tracts, puppets, and door-to-door evangelism.

Coastal drinking water team: They will dig hand pumps in the coastal areas where people don’t have water to drink.
Hyny team: One of the Hyny sponsor Churches will be constructed by this team.

Bangalore team: This team will help the Telugu church in the Bangalore city pour the cement pillar upon the church and evangelize with tracts, puppets stage presentations and door-to-door evangelism in the area.

Mumbai team: This team will help one of the Telugu churches in Mumbai in the church extension and evangelize in the slum area with tracts, puppets, stage presentation and door-to-door evangelism.

Nepal team: they will evangelize in the area by doing social work. Last year’s team did roads for the village and visited house to house doing EV and found 30 Christian families in that village.

TMI team: This team will be staying on the base, doing the building walls on the second floor, making hollow bricks for the building and help in the paddy ground preperation.

We appreciate your prayers, God bless you!


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