Myers, Anthony & Shawna (Spring 2009)

Myers Moments – Spring 2009

As you sit down to read this letter, we hope none of you still have snow in your front yard! It sounds like this past winter was extra long for some of you. All of the snow we got has melted (:-) and we are seeing Boot Camp coming around the corner! All six of our Big Top tents are up and preparations for the team members and leaders are in full swing. We are very excited to have a new Big Top #1 (the biggest) this year as our other one has seen a lot of wear. We know Boot Camp is near when some of our overseas staff start returning for their deputation time before leading a team back to their country. The excitement never stops.

We had a wonderful and busy last couple of months. Brandon finished his track season at school. Jessica is busy practicing her school drama, which will be in May, and Darin has started baseball and loves playing catcher, second base and pitcher (though the machine actually pitches). We have also enjoyed visits from a number of people, including some supporters and Shawna’s sister-in-law and niece from Ontario. We enjoy the fellowship and showing people around Teen Missions so they can see what we do here.

Anthony will be going to Indiana the first week of May to help set up Teen Missions life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. It will be at TTT Ministry in Evansville. If you have friends in that area, let them know and they can go see it. We also have one permanently set up here at our headquarters in Florida.

From Jessie: I am happy to tell you that I will be going on the Malawi Monkey Preteen team this summer. On our flight to Malawi, we will stop in Washington, DC. After that we will stop in London. We will be seeing sites such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Another site we will go on is the London’s Eye which is a huge ferris wheel and you can see all over London. After that we will go back to the airport and fly to Malawi, Africa. We will plant a garden at the missionary house on the Teen Missions property. We will also take a trip to see two of the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units that Teen Missions runs and see how the orphans live. We will also plant a garden for them so they will have food. The Units help the orphans with food, basic medical treatment and teach them how to plant gardens or raise animals to get money to live on. I am so excited to be able to see one of the Teen Missions bases in Africa and help out there.

If you would like to write to me while I am away, you will need to allow about 2 weeks for mail to get to Malawi. My address will be:

Jessica Myers
Teen Missions Team 09072
Private Bag 3
Chipok, MALAWI

Jessie is getting more excited as we get closer to the summer. She will start Boot Camp on June 24 and will be in Malawi until August 1, and return home on August 4. After Debrief in Florida, Jessie will spend a week with one of the staff families until we return and have completed Debrief. She will be on her first team without the rest of the family and we know she will do great. The kids have “grown up” in Teen Missions and we are so thankful for the friends and families that we can be close to.

From Brandon and Darin: I wanted to let you know what Darin and I will be doing this summer. We plan to go with Mom and Dad to take a teen team to Thailand. I will be a team member and Darin will go as a family member. We will be helping at the House of Blessing Orphanage where dad went to when he visited Uncle Lynn last August. We will rebuild their security wall and help with other things that need to be fixed. We will also play with the orphans and teach them some English. Thailand is a Buddhist nation but we hope to share Jesus with the people, too. After we are done in Thailand, we will fly to Hong Kong and spend a night before coming back to Florida for Debrief. All the teams are ending up in Florida this year.

If you want to write to us in Thailand, you will need to allow about 7-10 days for mail to get to Thailand. Our address will be:

The Myers Family
Teen Missions Team 09014
PO Box 91
Ubon 34000

Darin will be hanging around with Mom in the kitchen or out with Dad and the team on the project. It will be a new experience each day! We are excited to be helping the House of Blessing Orphanage where Anthony went to when he visited his brother last August. We have another male and female leader with us so that will be wonderful, especially through Boot Camp as it is hard to get time with your team while doing staff responsibilities, too.

Our team will start June 20, and we complete Debrief on August 11. The kids will be missing the first couple days of school, so pray for them as they jump right into things after the summer, especially Brandon who will be starting high school. Jessie and Darin will be returning to their “old school” (as Darin calls it), so it will be easier for them.

We are looking forward to what the Lord is going to do in our lives this summer, as well as the lives of the team and those with whom we come in contact. The team reports will be posted on during the summer as the teams send reports to the office.

Continue to pray for Anthony’s brother, Lynn, and his family. At this time, he is having difficulty with swallowing and breathing, so he is losing weight. They have faith that is like no other and they are really teaching us a lot about trusting the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

*our team will be unified and work well together
*we will get a lot done for the House of Blessing Orphanage and the Thai people
*Jessie will do well on her team and be a blessing in Malawi
*good health for all of us this summer
*safety in travel

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for our children through your financial and prayer support for them. They have over $7000 of the $9000 needed! We look forward to sharing with you when we return. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We couldn’t be here without your sacrificial giving.


Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin


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  1. Meyers!!!
    How are all of you doing? This is Josey Russell, Michael Hobson and Kelli’s eldest daughter. I havent seen or talked to you guys in years. I Hope that all is goin well. I am plannin on comin back for another mission trip then possibly comin back to TMI to be apart of the staff 😀 Well I hope and pray that everyone is doin great and hope to hear back from you guys. God Bless

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