Petersen, Doug & Barb (Spring 2009)

Petersen Post – Spring 2009

“Because I live, ye shall live also.” John. 14:19

“But as many as received him,to them gave he power to become the sons of God,
even to them that believe on his name” John 1:12

Dear Friends and Family,

Back in Zambia:    Things are still at a very fast pace here at the base.  The BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK 1Training Center (BMW) term is ending and we are about to run the very first Boot Camp at Funda.  The trucks are being loaded once again to take supplies and personnel to do the work.  Orphans have been waiting for this to come to their area for over a year.  It will be their first time to experience the classes, the rallies and the team experience.  We trust that the Lord will speak to many hearts as the Gospel message is presented clearly every day.  We thank God for this open door!  This is a very difficult area to reach due to bad roads.  In the wet season, it is almost impossible to reach our bases.  Orphans from four different Rescue Units will attend.

Adult team:  Twelve Americans came to serve the Lord and wash the feet of the orphans in the Solwezi area.  The orphans were very blessed to receive new shoes and socks.  The men and women who came were blessed to be used by the Lord to spread His love to many.  The team was touched by the needs that they saw among the orphans.  It is always heart-breaking to see the hunger and the needs in front of them.  The nights were quite cool and the team realized that the children don’t have blankets or warm clothing and it is not even winter here yet.  I know that God did a wonderful work in the hearts of the children and the team.  We thank them for coming and being God’s loving hands!

Zimbabwe:  God has watched over the staff and kept them safe.  We are so grateful for that.  Charles Chinaka was just here.  He said that they have had very good rains this year.  The shelves in the stores are full again.  There is now a hope for things to be much better.  There had been threats and times of fear during these years, but things are calm and people want things to work out well.  We pray that there will be lasting peace, prosperity and restoration to the nation.  May they experience God’s love and grace and His fresh touch on their lives.

Testimony of one young orphan:  Doug shared this report and some of you may have seen it, but we want all of you to be able to identify with this young man.  He is from the area where the April / May Boot Camp is about to run.  He will be able to be a Former Team Member.

I would like to tell you a story about one of the orphans that stayed with Angel out at Funda. We’ll say his name is Future Lipoko. You see we don’t really know what his name is, neither does he. It seems that one day Future saw his friends going to school so he decided he would go to school. When he arrived he wasn’t registered, so he was taken to the office to get registered. The first question was his name. When he said Future Lipoko they said, ” No that is not your name, it is a lady’s name.”   He said,  “Well that is correct.  Lipoko is the name of my mother.” (or so His grandfather had told him.) You see, Future had never seen his father or mother.  He only knew what his grandfather had told him, and that was that Lipoko was his mother’s name. The grandfather had never said what Future’s name was. Future’s grandfather was a witch and didn’t care much for his grandson or give him any information about himself. So the registration continued with the next question, “What is your age?” Again, Future didn’t know his age or his birth date. Can you imagine not knowing your name, age or birth date? How would this affect your self image? He could ask, “Does anyone care about me, or does anybody love me?”

Future didn’t have a home and when Teen Missions came to Funda he was allowed to stay at the unit. He has been there since.

Oscar strongly felt that Future and his three friends, Poster, Lucky, and Chola, who also stayed at the unit, be allowed to come to this year’s Orphan Boot Camp in Ndola. So Oscar informed Angel of the date and time he was going to pick them up at Kapilamikwa. When the day of their departure arrived, the boys were up at 1:00 A.M. They didn’t need to get up this early and could have easily waited another four or five hours before getting up, but sleep had left Future.  He was so excited. The 12 mile hike to Kapilamikwa wasn’t even a factor, they could easily do that. Indeed, they were at Kapilamikwa on time and met Oscar for the ride to Ndola. Why would Future be so excited?

Well, he had been down the Kapilamikwa road before, but only to Katembula, another 15 miles away. Never in his life had Future been more that that distance from where he had been born. Just think, he was going to Ndola, and to get there he was going to see Kitwe. Oscar said that Future’s eyes were so wide open and his mouth dropping as they passed through Kitwe. Never had he seen homes that were not made of grass. When they left Kitwe, they traveled on hard roads (tarred) that were not muddy. One road was for cars going in one direction and the other for cars going the other way. He was so amazed to see how big the trucks and buses were. He had never seen anything like it.

The first night’s rally was also an experience for Future. Oscar said he couldn’t help but notice that Future was staring at the ceiling and looking first at one light then the other and then back again. You see, this was the first time Future had ever seen electric lights. Oscar said that is was hard for Future to keep working when he was assigned to level dirt out by the road because he kept staring at the passing trucks, buses and cars. But the Boot Camp went on and one night Future stepped forward and gave his heart to Jesus.  Finally, Future’s life was in the hands of someone who cared and loved him.

Nelson was the one who transported Future back to Funda. He said that as soon as the people of Funda heard the truck coming they ran behind the truck so anxious to see Future. When he got off the truck they even threw him up into the air. Future was their hero. And when his feet hit the ground he started talking and probably still hasn’t stopped, telling his friends of the houses without grass, the hard roads with no mud, the road that goes two ways, the big trucks and buses, the bright shinning things on the ceilings, and oh yes, his new friend Jesus. Someone who knows his name.

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together.

In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen
Matt. 6:33  & Gal. 2:20


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