Reilly, Mike & Rena (Spring 2009)

Reilly Review – Spring 2009

Dear Friends & Family,
Have you heard the phrase “time keeps slipping into the future”? Well, that is how I feel when it comes to sitting down to write this newsletter. By the end of the day I think I need to get this sent, and I get side tracked and time just keeps slipping away into the future. Well, I will not let it slip away now. These past few months, like many of the other times we write you, we have just finished up one project to start another. Six teams of young people have finished their summer, and now we are getting ready to start a new year. I have enclosed summer highlights of what the teams did this past summer. God did some great things. We have seen over 135 salvations this year on teams.

One of the new and ambitious projects we have started is building two new buildings. They are going to be used for the Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center. When we started the school we thought we could just use the small buildings that we already have. But our camping program has grown so much they have taken up all the buildings. We have seen 130 salvations this year from the camp groups alone. If you remember we moved a 100-year-old chapel in for the BMW, but nofrontsidew that is getting too small so we have been praying about how to meet the needs of the growing ministry. We have started building two two-story concrete block buildings with very thick concrete slabs for the second story floor. At present, the walls are up and the roof is on. We were hoping this would be done by now but the rains and my shoulder surgery have slowed everything down. This has been the wettest year we have had on record. It capped off a seven-year drought. It is hard to pour concrete when it is raining all the time. With the walls up and the roof on we have started the inside work.

Also, we have started the process of getting our accreditation for the school and it is a slow process. Right now we are a cert III in Religious Education program. Our goal is to become a cert IV in Religious Education soon and by the end of the year or by the beginning of next year to be a diploma program. It will take a lot of prayer and finances, but we hope this BMW will make an impact in this part of the world.

Most of you probably do not know that I turned the big “5” “0” in April. Yes! I am feeling a bit older. I dislocated my shoulder in January (I have never done that before) as well as cracked the collar bone in a fall. It has taken a long time to heal after the two repairs. And my body is not as fast as it use to be. My son can almost outrun me (which by the way he is as tall as I am, so I am shrinking in my old age). It’s getting a bit harder to get out of bed at 5 a.m. (praise God for coffee). I am even now needing at least 6 ½ hours of sleep at night (no more all nighters. As a matter of fact, I cannot even remember when the last time I did an all-nighter—oh no, I am losing my mind). But Caleb was 85 when he started his ministry, so I guess I am still in training for mine. I better enjoy my youth while I still can.

Lord Bless you.

In Christ,
The Reilly Family

Prayer Requests
-Mike heads to India to help run the Boot Camp, then on to Cambodia & the Philippines just to check in on them
-For the building project to get done and the rain to stop just enough to finish the water tank & sewage pits
-Financial support
-Michael to adjust to school life
-Katie’s schooling via web & a laptop for school (she would like an Apple)
-Rena, just because she needs help once in a while

Hello all you people over there in America. Well, now that I have finished school I’ve started out in real life. It’s interesting, but I guess most of you would already know that. At the beginning of this year I started university, enrolling into Southeastern, a university in Lakeland, Florida. I’m working via the web towards a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. Big name, I know, but basically it’s just doing a Bible course along with another major. The major I happen to be doing is journalism. That’s been fun…cough…naw it’s good and I’m enjoying it. I’m still working at Woolworths (a grocery store); for those of you who didn’t know, I got a job there about a year and a half ago. So whatever hours I get there is what pays for university. So that’s pretty much all that’s happening in my life at the moment. The major prayer point would probably just be that I get enough money to pay for university classes. Till next time. Katie Reilly

Well, life has certainly changed for me. After being home schooled my whole life I am now going to school. I am in year 10 at a Christian College. I have survived my first term and feel like I have done my school duty. But for some reason Dad and Mom do not agree. They feel like I have many more years to go! My goal for this year (besides surviving year 10) is to go to Northern Ireland on a Teen Missions team. We will be doing renovations with Fringe Youth Works in Monkstown, North Ireland. It is a youth center dedicated to helping inner city youth of Belfast metro area. The team begins December 13 and ends January 23, 2010. I need 20 people to be my prayer partners for the trip. Please pray that I can raise $2,200 so I can go on this team and that I am able to find winter clothes as this part of Australia does not have many choices for winter clothes. Would you email me at [email protected] if you can be one of my prayer partners?


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