Chimbila, Nelson & Maggie (Spring 2009)

The Chimbila’s Chart – Spring 2009

Is Anything Too Hard?

Greetings from Nelson and Maggie!

We would love to share the story of our lives. We believe this brief story will bless one life or another.

We got married in 2003 on June 14th. My wife started to be sick and the doctor said she has fibroid tumors so she cannot conceive unless she has an operation. She did not go for the operation because we told the doctor to give us time. We continued to pray and to trust in God. We received a lot of encouragement from the pastors around.

Last year we attended a conference in Lusaka over Easter break where the pastor said to the group that there is a lady here who will hold her child one year from now. On April 5th, which was a Sunday, our baby girl, named Promise, was born. It was around 2:30 AM when I asked the Petersens to take us to the hospital. They were there when the baby was born and they heard the first cry of baby Promise. We thank God that nothing is too hard for Him. Rejoice with us over this precious gift of life.

In Christ,

Nelson and Maggie and Promise Chimbila
PO Box 71569


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