Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho (Spring 2008)

The Sibanda Story – Spring 2008

Hello from Zimbabwe

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city the watchman stays awake in vain.”

2008 was a year of dark clouds. The situation in Zimbabwe was not good at all, especially politically. Everything was paralyzed. We operated the Teen Missions base in a hard situation. People were living in fear for their lives, being threatened to be killed for no solid reason.

I was one of the victims that was on a list of those who were supposed to be killed. The reason was because I was involved in a team that was always praying for the country’s situation. I also encouraged my Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) students to pray. Our prayers were not accepted by the activists of the ruling party.

It was tough, with pressure mounting day and night I had many sleeping sleepless nights, yet God was in control.  We did not stop serving God because of what we were seeing and what we were hearing. We trusted God in everything. I am still alive  today, serving God without fear.

I thank God for the ministry of Teen Missions. I have experienced a lot of things that makes my relationship with God stronger every day. For six years, I have co-ordinated the Zimbabwean base, and things have been tough. But through those tough situations God proved to me His faithfulness. He protected me when my life was in danger, provided for us when we were in need, raised my wife when she was sick unto death, kept my two daughters strong and healthy and continues to keep my co-workers and their families as well as the BMW students in good health. I enjoy teaching Bible classes to the students. Churches like BICC, Assemblies of God, and Victory Fellowship Church invite me to preach in their services.

We thank God for those who support us financially and through prayers. We thank God again because we have orphans that are benefiting because their school fees are being taken care of.

We did not have Boot Camp because of Cholera outbreaks. Kids were very much disappointed when they were informed three days before Leader’s Seminar. We also (students and staff) were disappointed after working hard to find food, which was hard to get, and making all the preparations for the Boot Camp. We managed to encourage ourselves after this hard blow.

We value your prayers and financial support.

Claimet, Sipho, Hope and Delight Sibanda


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