Snell, Andy & Carrie (Spring 2009)

Snells’S’news – Spring 2009

Greetings from a warm Florida!!

The weather is beginning to heat up here and the Big Top tents are going up in preparation for Boot Camp. Soon we will welcome the arrival of hundreds of teens training to go around the world to share the Good News of Jesus.

We hope and pray that you had a great Easter, celebrating the
resurrection of Jesus and the salvation that He has freely given to each one of us. We had a nice Easter weekend, spending time together as a family enjoying the sun and surf at the beach. However, the best part of the weekend was spent worshipping the Lord with our church family.

Ministry Opportunities

Carrie and I have been working different hours in order to homeschool the kids while maximizing our time for the ministry.  Carrie continues working in the Personnel/Promotions Department in the afternoons helping to oversee the different issues for staff and the ministry such as newsletters, payroll, immigration letters, missions conferences and homeschool conventions, etc.  It has been exciting for her to welcome home some of the overseas staff who are coming back to the States and will lead a summer team back to their overseas base. It is a busy time, making sure everyone has a place to stay, completing paperwork, preparing immigration papers, and just being able to fellowship with these amazing people out on the “front lines” of our international work.

I continue to work in the Print Shop from 5 a.m. till noon printing many of the tracts, brochures and even this newsletter. There are many days that I am able to go outside and help with jobs that need to be done before Boot Camp. I have enjoyed working with some of the other staff that I do not usually get to work with on a regular basis and hearing what is happening in their lives. Some of the jobs that we are working on have been repairs on one of the staff houses including plumbing, roofing and painting. Recently, several of us worked on installing a large carousel swing next to one of the lakes.  This will be used by the team members at Boot Camp and groups that come to stay at the Conference Center for some “free-time fun”.

We feel very privileged to be a part of this ministry.  Every day presents many opportunities for ministry: either to fellow workers, the Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center (BMW) students, neighbors or people in the community.  What a vast mission field awaits us right here in the States!!

Kids’ Corner

Bekah has been a busy little girl. In AWANAs, she is doing well with her verses, memorizing her sections each week. She also really enjoys her Girl Scout troop. She was able to sell 70 boxes of cookies during a recent fundra5ising event!! She also participated in a 3K walk to cure Juvenile Diabetes, raising over $100. We are so proud of her for reaching out into the community. She is very excited to be joining a Peanut Team this summer.  She will experience missions first hand for ten days; sleeping in a tent, learning construction and evangelism skills, as well as being away from mom and dad and modern conveniences. What a great learning experience. She has to raise support ($269) and experience the steps of the way “real” missionaries support themselves.  She has gotten creative by having a garage sale and hiring herself out for odd jobs.

Drew has also been very involved in church and AWANAs, learning his scripture verses. He enjoys going outside and playing with the neighbor kids. They all like to pretend to be characters in Star Wars, Ninjas, Detectives or something creative. He is hoping to play soccer next fall in a church league. He is very excited for this summer and the chance to have so many “brothers & sisters” on the Northern Ireland Team.

Summer Team Update

We are still seeking financial support for Bekah and Drew to accompany us on our summer team to Northern Ireland.  The outpouring of encouragement and generous gifts have been amazing.  We are almost halfway to raising the full amount of $5,200 and trust the Lord daily to raise the rest of the funds for us.  We ask that you please pray about joining our financial support team.  No amount is too small!!  We look forward to sharing with you many testimonies about the great things that God is going to do in and through the teens of the Northern Ireland Team.  Thank you for being a part of this work through your finances and prayers!!

Although we will be busy helping with all the other training times (Mustard Seed, Peanut and Early Boot Camps), we request that you specifically pray for us and our team during the Super Boot Camp training time.  We have listed our team’s summer itinerary:

June 20   –   Registration Day (Teens arrive from all over the States and Canada!!)

June 21   –   Orientation

June 22–July 2  Boot Camp  (Training Time)

July 4   –   Pack Out

July 5   –   Commissioning

July 6-7   –   Travel to Project Site

July 8–August 4  Field Project Time

August 5   –  Travel to Florida Debrief

August 6–10  Florida Debrief Classes & Sightseeing

August 11  –   Go Day (Teens leave for their homes)

We would love to hear from you while on our team.  We can receive mail at the address below:

Teen Missions Team 09013
Andy & Carrie Snell
Fringe Youth Works
18 Monkstown Village Centre

Please note that mail can take up to 10 days to arrive in Northern Ireland.

Again, thanks for being a part of our ministry.  We cannot adequately express our thanks to all of you.  Just know that you make a difference in our lives, this ministry and the spreading of the Gospel.

With grateful hearts,

Andy, Carrie, Bekah, & Drew


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