Yoder, Robert & Dorah (Spring 2009)

Notes from the Yoders – Spring 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Calvary greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ.  We hope and trust that our God is keeping you safe.  As for us, God is still on our side.

We are doing very fine in Zambia, and experiencing the last rains of the season.  We are also getting ready for Boot Camp this April at the Funda Rescue Unit in the Lufwanyama district.

The last two months have been good and, of course, we have been faced with different challenges both spiritually and physically.  I have been to Lufwanyama and Solwezi carrying supplies and facilitators.  Then I took the Adult Foot Washing team to the Solwezi, Mumena, and Lunsala Rescue Units.  Also, I made two trips to Lusaka to the airport with our visitors.  Besides these long trips, I have been working at the base on the trucks when they have minor problems, working on the tractor, and transporting pigs.

My wife, Dorah, is still facilitating Dola Hills Rescue Unit.  She has been doing home and school visits, preparing the gound nuts and meali-meal for Mother’s Seminars on Thursdays, and continues giving medical help to orphans and guardians.  She also helps with cleaning the eggs in the mornings, sewing school uniforms for the orphans, and teaching students how to conduct themselves Biblically as facilitators while on their internships.

My wife recently registered two orphans in her register named Lameck and Douglas Zulu.  These boys stay with their grandmother.  Both parents are dead.  These boys qualified to go to grade ten and eight.  They had no one to help them, but they got very good test results.  One of the ladies in Twapia knows Dorah and the work she is doing.  So this lady told the boys to come and see my wife.  They came crying to her that they want to go to school.  My wife talked to these boys and encouraged them.  Thank God places in school have been found for these boys despite being late.  My wife has paid some school fees and bought a uniform for one of them using Dola Hills education money.  These boys are happy and thanking Teen Missions for helping them go back to school when no one else was willing to help them.zambia-22

Finally, we are happy that Boot Camp is on in Lufwanyama.  We request that you pray for me and the other guys as we go for that Boot Camp.

Prayer and Praise Requests

1.  Thank God for good health

2.  Pray for Dorah’s visa (I Thess. 5:24)

3.  God’s divine provision

4.  Spiritual growth/wisdom

5.  Pray for summer teams  (Ps. 37)

With love,
Robert and Dorah Yoder

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