Bobb, Shannon & Vikki (Spring 2009)

Bobb Newsletter – Spring 2009

Dear Friends:
It’s hard to believe that we are only a few short weeks away from the start of Boot Camp!  We have started putting up the Big Tops this week and May 2 is “Big Top” Day when the main Big Top Tent will go up!  This will be a family event where we will all work together to put up “Big Top 1!”    It is very exciting to see all of the tents going up and boot camp starting april-2009-newsletter-submissionto take shape.

We are already starting to pack and prepare for our summer.  It takes a lot of time to pack 5 people to travel overseas for a month.  We (Shannon, Vikki, Madison and Zoe) have been asked to lead a team of teens to Nicaragua this summer.   Our project will be to continue construction on a church that was begun by a team last summer.  We have been trying to learn some basic Spanish before we go so the language barrier is not so hard.  We have also started praying for our team members and assistant leaders as well as for ourselves.  Spending extra time in prayer and in reading God’s Word is essential to preparing our hearts to lead the team each summer.

Canaan has chosen to serve on a team that will travel to Papua on the island of New Guinea.  He  originally wanted to go on the Orphan Angels Team to Zambia where they ride motorcycles, but has to wait a little longer to get his driver’s license.  He will soon reach the “6 month seizure free” milestone and can then be cleared by his doctor to get his license, but his doctor does not think it is safe for him to be on a motorcycle at this time. He is very excited and can’t wait for summer to get here. His team’s project in Papua will be to construct the first building for a brand new Bible School that Teen Missions will be opening there. This will be the sixth bible school that Teen Missions has in Indonesia and the 28th world wide.

Taylor will be staying in Florida this summer.  She is looking for a summer job to earn money for college.  She will also be helping at the Teen Missions base during Debrief, when teams return to Teen Missions for classes before returning home.

One of the recent highlights was seeing off the first ever Adult Footwashing Team that travelled to Zambia.  It was led by Danetta Newland and had 6 people  from Christian Union Churches in Ohio serving on it with 12 members total.  The team had an amazing trip and we would like to share some of their experiences with you.

The teams sole purpose was to wash the feet of orphans and give them a pair of shoes and socks. For most orphans, this is the first pair of shoes they have ever had.  Often, their feet  are infested with a parasite called “Jiggers” that eats away at their toes. The only way to cure this is to wash their feet with kerosene. The shoes and socks will help prevent a re-infestation. Some of the orphans have wounds on their feet that won’t heal because they walk around in the dirt barefoot. The team treated the sores with anti-biotic ointment. Some of these orphans will die from an infection from these sores if not treated. The team had a great trip and the Lord opened many doors pic5for them to share their faith.. Approximately 450 pairs of socks & shoes were distributed. Some team members enjoyed sharing Bible stories, playing games and singing songs with the orphans while they waited for shoes.   Thank to to all of you who have donated shoes for the orphans!  

 Some of the  group went to visit a local chief to arrange for the teams coming to the palace and even that was an experience for them. The chief warmly welcomed them even insisting that they not bow down. They told him what they were doing in his area and when they said they were washing the orphans feet he said , “You’re doing what?”   They repeated they were washing the orphans feet and giving them a pair of socks and a pair of shoes. He said, “You mean you a white person are washing a black orphan’s feet.?” He began to cry. He said never has such a thing been done. Chief Mumena is the president of the House of Chiefs in Zambia. He is the number one chief of the whole country and one of the few Christian chiefs.  

Another praise is for “Fred.” Fred was a teacher in the school in Mibende where Shannon went on his adult team. Fred was not a Christian. After Shannon’s team left, Fred accepted Christ as his Savior through Richard, the facilitator at the Rescue Unit. Fred then attended our Bible School in Ndola and is now a facilitator at one of our Aids Orphans Rescue Units. Praise the Lord for the work he has done in Fred’s life!

Finally, we would like to thank all of you who came to volunteer this winter!   So much was accomplished and we are so grateful for your help!   At one point, there were so many Ohioans around here working, it seemed almost like home!   We hope you all come back real soon and hope to see even more of you next winter!

We are all doing well as we work daily to support the global mission of Teen Missions. We are doing well health wise except for Shannon he has been struggling with disc problems in his lower back but recently he has been feeling better.

Thank you again for all of your faithful support, encouragment and prayers!  We are truly blessed!!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!!

In Christ,

The Bobb Family
Shannon, Vikki, Taylor, Canaan, Madison and Zoe

Prayer Requests:

Financial support for the kids summer expenses.

A summer job for Taylor.

Safe travel over the summer.

Safety and good health for Canaan.

Healing for Shannon’s ruptured discs in his back.


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