Wald, Christine (Spring 2009)

Wald Newsletter – Spring 2009

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

One of the many exciting things happening right now in Malawi is the
new Sunday School program run by the circuit riders of Motorcycle
Sunday School Mission (MSSM). The Sunday Schools officially began at
the end of September last year. We opened one circuit in which two
teachers run six Sunday Schools each week. Those teachers are teaching
classes for adults and children in Literacy as well as teaching Sunday
School lessons, Bible Quizzing and training future Sunday School teachers. What is exciting is that the program is continuing to grow and it has the potential to reach so many people. In February I had  bb-phonics_31
the opportunity to train many of our rescue unit facilitators, base staff and Bible School students to become circuit riders. They are now able to make lesson plans, explain Phonics, teach the children’s Bible lessons using visual aids, give an invitation to receive Christ, be the Quizmaster and do a Quiz, and train others to become teachers. Shortly after the training we opened up a half circuit (3 Sunday
Schools) near our base. At all nine Sunday Schools we have seen the attendance increasing and people in the villages really getting excited about the MSSM program.

In Him,

Christine Wald


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