Yost, Bob & Paula (Spring 2009)

Yost Post – Spring 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Bob and I are still waiting to find out what God and Teen Missions
will have us doing this summer. It is possible that we will be in
Evansville, Indiana, doing Tabernacle tours at our life-size replica
of the Old Testament Tabernacle. Both Bob and I like to do Tabernacle
tours. It is fun to share the things we’ve learned about God and Jesus
through our studies of the Tabernacle. As many times as we’ve done
tours, there is still more to learn. Isn’t it amazing how God is
always fresh and new? Lamentations 3: 21-23 comes to mind:
“But in my mind I keep returning to something, something that gives me
hope—that the grace of the Lord is not exhausted, that his compassion
has not ended. [On the contrary,] they are new every morning! How
great is your faithfulness!”
We will also share the ministries of Teen Missions, AIDS Orphans and
Street Children and Motorcycle Sunday School Missions.

Teen Missions will be 40 years old next year and we will have been on
staff for half of that time! Isn’t it amazing to think how time has
passed so quickly? God has done mighty things through the ministry of
Teen Missions. We have traveled the world, met and discipled dozens of
Teens, Preteens and Peanuts and gotten to know God’s people from many
parts of the world. He has given us responsibilities to do behind-the
scenes work so those on the front lines can better share God’s love
and Good News with those around them. The Florida and Canada offices
have expanded to 28 bases around the world. In addition to the Florida
summer program, we operate 37 Overseas Boot Camps, training thousands
of young people to make a difference to the people around them through
the projects they do and the message of God’s love that they share.
Our one Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center in Florida has
expanded to 25 BMWs in 18 countries. Many of our graduates are in full-
time Christian work around the world.

We remember when AIDS Orphans and Street Children was organized. Our
director, Robert Bland, was struck by the plight of children who had
been orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa, and wanted to do something about
it. We started with an orphanage in Mozambique back in 1995, but
quickly realized that operating orphanages was not going to allow us
to reach the number of children who were in need. In 1998, the first
Orphan Rescue Unit was built in Zambia. That helped 300 children with
school fees and uniforms, basic first aid, agriculture and of course,
the sharing and teaching of the love of God. We now have 32 Rescue
Units in five countries and help 10,000 children, as well as six
Matron Units that give young girls a safe place to live while going to
school. Isn’t God good?

Just a few years ago, MSSM was formed. We found that in the bush or
rural areas that there often weren’t churches or pastors or Sunday
Schools, and consequently not many opportunities to learn more about
God. We now have three circuits in two countries, where graduates from
our BMWs have a route that they take weekly, visiting villages and
teaching Sunday School, literacy classes (using phonics) and teacher
training classes. Their transportation—a motorcycle! They can get to
places that are not easily reached by larger vehicles. Thousands of
lives are being changed because they are hearing and learning about
God’s love regularly.

If we don’t go to Evansville, we will likely be summer staff and help
keep things going at the home base here in Florida, while teams are
out all over the world. Most likely we would be working in the
kitchen, feeding staff and cooking for Debriefs. This year all the
teams will be debriefing in Florida, which means the kitchen will be
exceptionally busy. I’ve cooked for Debriefs before and enjoyed it.
It’s a lot of hard work, but we also have a lot of fun! Check out our
fall newsletter to find out what we really did this summer!

On the home front, Bob sings in several choirs. He enjoys using his
beautiful tenor voice to sing praises to God. Presently he is
rehearsing for a May program of Joseph Haydn’s “The Creation”. I am
active in our local church.  I am currently serving as Moderator for
our Board of Deacons and have chaired the Long Range Planning
Committee (we reviewed and revised the church’s missions statement).
We both are involved in Bible studies and other activities at church.
In March, both of us had the privilege of participating in a CROP
Walk. Many people across the USA participate in these walks. Of the
funds raised by our local walk, 25% stay in our county, providing
funds for local hunger relief. The rest of the funds raised are used
to provide tools of hope that empower people to meet their own needs
in 80 countries. I have participated for several years through our
church. This is the first time Bob hasn’t had a music rehearsal or a
concert so he could walk, too.

Bob’s mother is still in the Care Center at Royal Oaks in Sun City.
Bob calls her weekly and has interesting conversations with her—she is
confused, but always knows that it is her son Bob who is talking to
her. My father is still living in his home in Walnut Creek, but has
several health issues that take him to one doctor or another at least
weekly and unfortunately, to the hospital a few times. We try to get
out to visit our respective parents as often as we can.

It is exciting to be involved in God’s work! We thank you for your
prayers and support over the years so that we can be here serving God
through Teen Missions.

Servants for Christ
Bob and Paula Yost

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