India Boot Camp Report

SANY0127Atkur team: This team has accomplished planting 300 plants of banana trees in our property, at the present they are collecting our palm oil fruits.

Coastal drinking water team: This team is helping us to accomplish planting of banana plants in our property; they work with Atkur team and planted 300 plants, and  at the present they are in Kaza preparing to dig hand pumps in the area.

Hyny Church team: This team has completed raising 14 pillars for the total church building up to the roof/slap level. The Church that they build is in the middle of the Hindu caste village where no single community is a believer, the believers comes from the other communities from the same village to attend the church service.

Sri Lanka team: They visited seven villages with tracts, puppets, door to door evangelism and open air presentations in the tribal areas. At the present they are in another area, so they will be doing street evangelism in the town.

Bengaluru team: This team visited 5 churches  where the Telugu language is spoken. They distributed tracks and did door to door evangelism in the area.

Mumbai team: This team has visited 4 Telugu churches, distributed tracts, stage presentation in the crowded places. Through this, 29 people accepted JESUS as their personal savior and Lord.

Nepal team: This team checked our Uttar Pradesh Boot Camp store room and found the things eaten by ants, so they cleaned the store room and the compound, at the present they are in Nepal repairing the community hall.

Telangana team: This team visited 8 villages and evangelize in the villages with tracts, puppets, door to door tracts distribution and open air presentation in the area. They attended prayer meetings every night in the area where they stayed.

  • Pray for the Safety of the teams during their evangelism and work
  • Pray for the Health of the team members and leaders
  • Pray for the missionaries whom we are working with.
  • Pray for the work/E.V progress
  • Pray for the people who accepted Jesus during E.V

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