A character-building summer.

Zambia OrphansOrphan I was talked into going to Teen Missions by my Mom and cousins.  My Mom came here about 20 years ago while my cousin came last year or the year before that.  They told me that Boot Camp would be extremely difficult and knowing me, they said I would get S.B.’s (extra ‘training’ for discipline).  So far, however, I haven’t received any.  I have enjoyed Boot Camp for the most part.  I have a great team and awesome leaders.  There are only seven kids on our team which makes for a great environment for close friendships.  The Obstacle Course is really fun too.  The obstacles are very original and fun.  I tried jumping over the Slough instead of swinging across it.  I got my entire body soaked because of it!!  I am having a good time and this will be a character-building summer.

Nathan  –  Angels I #02


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