Safe Arrival In Haiti

Haitian ChildThe team arrived on schedule, no problems with the flight.  Two of our luggage items have not arrived, our oven and one bag with an igloo with food items in it.  We did get our igloo with our water filter. We also got a bag that belonged to Belize and made sure it was sent out right away.  We enjoyed a rugged ride in the mountains to our project site where the scenery is stunning.  We are up in the clouds. The weather is very nice, but a little colder at night than expected, so we will get some blankets for those who need them.  It mists often when we are in a cloud and we are told to expect it to rain a little most every day around 5pm.  The tent site is set up but still needs a little adjusting, and the kitchen is still a work in progress.  Our tents are our only protection from the rain, so we are getting a couple of tarps for the kitchen and to protect other such items.  We are buying supplies today and still getting settled in, but are already working on the building.  The team is excited to be here and in good spirits, although feeling a little rundown, so we slept in
today to get our energy back.

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