Safe Arrival In Ireland

Ireland Tent SiteHello from the 2009 TMI team to Ireland!  We arrived this morning at 6:15 or so – about 45 minutes ahead of schedule.  All our luggage arrived safely with us, and there were no issues whatsoever clearing through customs here.  We were met by Mr. Jim Gillett, the head of the Ireland Outreach Ministry, our host missionary.  He led us to our bus, and we quickly loaded up and headed from the Dublin Airport to Dalkey.  We arrived here around 9:00 AM or so, unloaded the bus, and after being shown where to set up our tents, the team quickly got busy setting up housekeeping.  We have a lovely setting here and temperatures are very pleasant – today was probably in the 70s.  We are cooking in an indoor kitchen provided to us by the ministry.  The ministry also provided us with a delicious lunch at noon.  Kids were given a rest period this afternoon at the recommendation of Jim due to the jet lag we are all feeling and they seem to feel better for it.  We just finished supper, and will have our team devotions in a while.  Mr. Gillett will also address the team about rules on the property and such before the devotion time.  Tomorrow, the work will begin and there is plenty to keep us busy.  Thanks to one and all who are praying for us.  All are well and healthy and another report will be forthcoming later this week.

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