Malawi Here I Come!

Malawi FoodWhen I first got ready for Boot Camp, I was excited and filled with anxiety. My whole summer was going to be based on TMI, so I was ready to make this trip the best that I could make it. To be honest, I’m very small. I’m the shortest in my grade and probably the shortest in the grade below me as well. My team’s project was to fish in Malawi. Yes! I mean Africa. I was genuinely afraid that I couldn’t meet the standards that were required for this team. I felt small and afraid. As I got on the plane, my heart raced and I couldn’t sleep. That night I got one hour of sleep. The plane landed and I looked outside. My summer was here. I’ve been on a preteen team two years ago, but this was my first teen team. Finally after several long suspenseful hours, we got to Boot Camp and I took one look around and I was homesick. I longed for my parents, for my air-conditioned room, and for my electronics. I thought that this summer would be a drag, but I kept a smile and tried to make it work. Soon my fake smile slowly became a real smile with my team. I was blessed with an amazing team. Our team is like a family, we all fight, but when the end of the day comes, we all love each other. God answered my prayers and now I am ready for the rest of Boot Camp and Malawi.  I know that I have the full support of my team.

Malawi Fishing #10


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