Digging, Cutting & Tying Steel

IguanaThe footer is just about ready to be poured for the bathroom/shower block. The team has been digging, cutting and tying steel. We are planning on going to a nearby village, Santa Marta, on Saturday for evangelism. There has not been any rain and the temperatures have been from 95°-100° every day along with high humidity. Some of the team members still have minor colds and coughs. They have a lot of mosquito bites to distract them. Spirits are high and the team is bonding well. Nick and Preston have expressed how grateful they are for this trip and  how it has helped them separate from the things of the world and hear God’s voice more clearly. The team is also enjoying cuddling the 12 new puppies that live at the base. They are just a few weeks old. We appreciate your prayers for us!


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