God Has Become My Support

During my first day at Boot Camp, I was just about drowning in sweat. I am from Washington State and it never gets this humid! I was thinking to myself that, other than the heat, this place isn’t so bad. After my first five minutes here, I got my team an S.B. (Special Blessing). This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. I was not used to the heat, humidity, the time change and the people. Fortunately, the people were the easiest to get used to. Most of my team is really out-going, so I get along with them well. I quickly learned to adapt to the weather and the time change, but I haven’t got used to not having my family around. But through this, I have learned to trust God and rely on Him for strength. I came into Boot Camp using MY strength to do whatever I wanted because I had always had support. Now that my support system has been cut off, I found my support in God. He was there when I had my support system, but He is now my only support. He’s more like a father to me than ever before. He answers my prayers personally, not to my dad, mom or pastor, but me! I have never really had that kind of a relationship with God. Boot Camp has driven me to the point where God has become my sole support in all things and I constantly feel Him speaking to me. That is my Boot Camp testimony.

Elijah-Suriname 09012


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