Working Hard In Ireland

Team WorkHello from the Ireland team! We are all well here. Work on the wall is progressing nicely. In fact, the team is a bit ahead of schedule at this point. The ministry has given us a few other projects as well (a short sidewalk and some painting). The missionary has said that they would really like another team next summer. The weather has been lovely until last night when we got some of the rains that Ireland is famous for. More is falling this evening. Everyone is doing pretty well. Most of the team thinks that it is very cold here. It really isn’t, but after the heat and humidity of Boot Camp, I suppose almost anything more than 20° cooler would feel like freezing (the person who wrote this is from Michigan…). The ministry blesses us with lettuce daily from their garden whenever I want it, so we have plenty of fresh salad and lettuce on our sandwiches. They also give us Irish made cheddar cheese that they are able to get free from the government. I have found a good green grocer for produce and a good supermarket. It is nice because they often have specials we can incorporate into our menu. Tomorrow we plan on hiking up Dalkey Hill (weather permitting) and perhaps take the long way back for a more interesting hike. Thank you for your prayers!

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