A Passport Miracle

My mom asked me one day if I wanted to go n a mission trip with Teen Missions this summer. I wasn’t sure about it at the time, so I just kept going on with life. But on Easter Sunday, we had a potluck at our pastor’s house after the morning service. Afterwards, some of the people in my church asked me if I wanted to go on a mission trip. I felt that the Lord wanted me to go, so I said “yes”. I chose my team that night and waited for my information to show up. By the time I got my information, I had only a month to raise $3500! I was really trusting in Him to work a miracle…and guess what? He did! I had a lot of people praying for me and a lot of people gave very generously. In a month’s time, I had all my money, but not my passport. I had applied for my passport as soon as I could back in April. So, the weeks passed and I got a letter from the National Passport Agency saying that I had given them the wrong kind of birth certificate and that I needed to get the right one before they could process my passport. We had to do a lot of different things and send a special form to California to get the proper birth certificate. We waited for some time and finally got my birth certificate. We sent that off and waiting some more time. When I started writing this testimony from Boot Camp, I still did not have my passport and our team leaves in nine days to go to N. Ireland. As of one hour ago, I received my passport! Praise God! He worked another miracle!

Scott-N. Ireland 09013


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