Mosquitoes in Sweden???

Sweden Work ProjectWe thank the Lord for His many blessings. We have had wonderful weather since we have gotten here and it seems to be getting better each day. The mosquitoes are worse then the ones in Florida, which we never would have thought possible. The team is in great spirits as we have begun working and have got into a routine.

Work has been going great. The first project that we started was digging a ditch 2.5 meters deep, about a meter wide and 20 meters long. This is for a water pipe that needs to be replaced. Why so deep? Well, they get per-ma frost close to two meters deep. They have done an outstanding job! In a day and a half, we have the ditch almost done. Part of the team has moved on to stacking fire wood. They go through 28 cords of fire wood in a winter. If you don’t know what a cord  is, that is a LOT of wood! There are many other jobs planned,  including, Lord willing, some really neat opportunities for evangelism.

The team has been bathing in the river for two days now and it is cold! We did bring some shower bags with us and what a blessing they are after you get out of the river.—you can get some hot water that warms you up.

Our missionaries came and shared with us last night. They told us about the vision they have for the area that God has called them to here in north Sweden. What a blessing to be able to be a part of that. It was a real encouragement to know the real impact we are having right away with the work we are doing and the witness that it is to the neighbors. Thank the Lord for all He has done.


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