It’s Mizzling

Ireland EvangelismWhen last we reported, we’d had mostly sunny weather. But in the last few days we have had a bit more of the famous Irish “mizzle”, as they call it here.  Work is going well—the wall is progressing nicely, and we are continuing on that as well as the sidewalk they also asked us to put in.  All on the team are well and healthy. The ministry here (Ireland Outreach International) does no work on Saturday or Sunday, and don’t want us to, either, so our “work” on Saturday mornings is to practice presentations, puppets and skits.  This past Saturday, after our morning of practice, the team all went for a hike up Dalkey Hill.  Due to misreading the map, we ended up on Killeny Hill first – a bit further away.  The view was lovely all along the hike, and especially from the hill tops.  Our route “home” took us right through Dalkey, so the team all got a chance to purchase sodas and goodies. At church on Sunday, we attended both services at the Plymouth Brethren Church which all the staff here attend.  The first service was a Service of Remembrance (communion), and the second, a less formal one, and the kids got to do music, puppets and one of the boys shared his testimony in the second service.  David also spoke in the second service.  Because women do not speak/share in their services, all testimonies will be done by guys and it seems they want one every week.  Sunday evening, there was a time of fellowship with a meal served followed by an evening service.  Puppets were not originally planned for the evening, but since some children came just to see puppets (having heard from some friends who attended in the morning), puppets were done again after all.  A skit and more songs were also part of the evening service.  Scripture memory is pretty much on track – a few are a bit behind, but working hard to get caught up before Saturday next when we go to Dublin for shopping.  We thank and praise the Lord for all He is doing in and through the team.

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