Having Fun!

DinnerThe team is doing great! They are finishing up with some steel cutting and tying in preparation for pouring the footer on the bathroom block. We have finally gotten a little rain which seems to have dropped the temperatures a few degrees, while not making the road to Honey Camp too terrible. On Saturday, the team went to a small town, Santa Martha, where most of the people spoke Spanish. They had a lot of fun doing puppets, singing and playing with the children. We are not aware of any salvations, but they did have the opportunity to encourage the youth to go back to church. It is very common for the younger children to go to church, but as they become teenagers, they tend to stop going. We attended church in Orange Walk Town on Sunday at the Bible Chapel. The service was in English, but they also sang a couple of hymns in Spanish. On Saturday, the team had to chance to eat some local food while we were out. They really like the tacos here, though they all admit we are eating very well every day. Nick shared his testimony in Santa Martha on Saturday with the help of Lauren who translated. Again, thank you for your prayers!


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