Gathering Wood And Water

Gathering WoodWhat a great summer it has been so far! The team has enjoyed their bathing time in the arctic river. It is cold, but the air temperature has been warm. So, at the end of work, it feels very nice. One of the things the team is learning to do on a regular basis is gather fire wood and water. It is amazing how much wood you go through when you have to cook all day over a fire. The other thing is fresh water—it is from a natural spring and it is some of the best water we have ever had. It is like getting ice water every time you get a drink. Most days, we need a sweatshirt in the mornings, but by 10AM, we are down to a tee-shirt. The work project is going well. We have finished digging the trench and we will be putting in a new water pipe. We found an older well while we were working on the trench and that will be taken out. The concrete rings that make up the old well will be put in another location. Today or tomorrow, we will begin taking down a building to move it to another location. What is different about this building is that it is inside of a barn. It looks like it may have been used to house a small pony. The team is excited about taking down this building. After taking it down, they will rebuild it and it will be used to house sheep.

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