Handing Hardships Over To God

Orphanage Security WallBoot Camp has been a great experience for me. Don’t get me wrong—the first three days almost killed me. As I handed Boot Camp over to God, I felt a weight lifting off of me. Even though I knew it would still be tough, I knew God would be holding my hand the whole way. The biggest thing I’ve learned while here is what I take for granted. God has shown me that I need to thank Him more often for things such as my family, friends, my bed, a hot shower, etc. Those things are all we think we’re suppose to have in life, but there are kids all around the world who dream of them. For once in my life, while at Boot Camp, I haven’t had these either and it has brought a great appreciation to my heart. God is teaching me that you can survive without them because all you need is Him!

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