I’m Not Listening To The Enemy

Nepal TeamListening to Bob Bland talk about how the first three days of Boot Camp were the hardest ones hardly phased me, because on the first day of Boot Camp, I was so pumped, so ready to be here. I have waited two years to come back to Teen Missions and now that I was finally here, the smile on my face was not going away. It was about the second day though that it hit me. I am going to be gone two months. Two months away from home, my family, real life and I wasn’t sure (now that I realized what was going on) that I was ready. I knew in my heart I was, but for the first few days of Boot Camp, I had more spiritual warfare in my life than I have ever had before. Satan tried to throw lies to me about how I wasn’t supposed to be here and he was constantly trying to tempt me with with the comforts of home. I prayed though, because I knew that these feelings and thoughts were not of God, and I knew that with His help I could defeat the enemy who was dragging me down and distracting me from the One my focus needed to be on. God helped me through though. He brought me up from feeling so discouraged, and now He has illuminated my life with His joy once again. He has put the smile back on my face. And although, of course, the enemy still tries to get my focus off of God, He has now given me the strength to barely notice those things because I am so set on the prize. I am so set on serving God now with all of my heart and I can’t wait to get to go and serve Him in Nepal this summer and get to see all the things He is going to do in and through my life. He is so amazing!

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