Changes in Attitude

Covered Wagon Team Starts Obstacle CourseLast year, during Boot Camp, I was excited, but really stubborn about almost everything. At first, I didn’t want to change any of my ways, However, as Boot Camp continued, Christ kept finding a way to explain and help me. As I finally gave my full attention to Christ, I received peace and joy in knowing I can once again be in love with Christ. A few of the things that God pointed out were that i needed an attitude check and my problem with authority also needed to be in check. I tried my very best in working on my attitude. However, I didn’t want to submit to anyone older than me because of my past and how I always ended up having to take care of things on my own. But God just kept on coming and telling me that I need to forgive. Last summer on Covered Wagon, I worked really hard to let my authority figures be how they needed to be be and by the end of the summer, I was glad I listened to God. I went home a new person. This summer I am learning to double check my patience.

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