Learning To Serve God At Boot Camp

“Boot Camp can’t be that bad…”, I thought to myself as I packed before arriving here. As a missionary kid in Bogotá, Colombia, I honestly figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Even though I live in an enormous city, I’m very aware of poverty because Colombia is still considered a third-world country. Upon arrival, I took in my surrounds and told myself that I could do anything for two weeks. However, the next day I was miserable. I hated the entire day. That night at rally, the speaker urged us to think about what we were withholding from God—what were those things we were trying to keep for ourselves. I could feel the Spirit urging me to go forward and offer myself to God. I needed to lay my pride, my comfort zone and my negativity down at the feet of Jesus. My pride kept me standing there, in m y place, for a long time. Finally, I took a step and walked down the aisle. I cried and cried, begging God to forgive me. I wanted to serve Him this summer in Africa, but I forgot that He also wanted me to serve Him during Boot Camp. That point was a turn around for me. My attitude sky rocketed and I was able to actually enjoy Boot Camp.

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