Oh, The Joy Of Having Feet

Cameroon Foot Washing TeamThe very first day that I came to Boot Camp, my feet swelled. Not two hours after I arrived, my feet were aching and I felt terrible. My feet were in such pain that after the first night’s rally, there were tears in my eyes and pain has hardly ever affected me that much. I was kind of scared for the upcoming weeks. I limped everywhere, trying to keep up with my team. Every time we sat down, I would have to take my boots off to stop the throbbing. They are so swollen that it would take me five minutes to take a boot off. On night two, I lay in my tent praying to God and begging Him to please heal my feet, or at least reveal to me the purpose for my pain, so I could work towards that purpose. In the morning of day three, I made a decision. I found a verse in my concordance under “joy”, for that’s what I felt I lacked. I found Habakkuk 3:17-19. It gave me strength and courage through my pain, no matter what, chose joy and praise for Christ. The verse lists multiple bad events and things that could happen, but even still it says, “I will rejoice in the Lord, I will take joy in the God of my salvation. God, the Lord, is my strength.” This verse gave me the strength to stick through the pain. Good news! By the end of day three, I could tell my feet were getting better, slowly. From then on, my feet became better and better. Now they are wonderful and amazing compared to what they were. But better yet, God has revealed the purpose for my pain. I know now that if I hadn’t had my feet to focus on and despise, to whine and complain about, I would have found something else to worry about—something more permanent that wouldn’t have gone away. An example would be the constant sweating, the heat or even all the walking. Now that God has healed my feet, everything seems so much better and enjoyable! And I praise God for being so caring and wise for allowing me to have this pain in the beginning, so that I would remember and have complete joy and strength throughout the rest of the summer.

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