Work Is Progressing

Haiti WorkGood news! Our oven and igloo have finally arrived. It required a leader to physically go to the airport to claim them, but we are very thankful for these vital items! The work projects are going well. The first two days were spent setting up the kitchen and the tent site location. We are now working on the depot (storage room) and a giant water cistern. The cistern is having a rock wall built around it and that is going up nicely. The team is able to work alongside some Haitian mason workers and they are enjoying the interaction with them. We are also working on a site for a future basketball court and conference center. We are mostly leveling the ground as we are in a rolling hills and mountainous area. We are looking forward to doing some sightseeing on Thursday at Fort Jacques and Boutilier. We were able to attend a Haitian church on Sunday and we did a presentation with songs and drama. The weather has been hot during the day and cool at night with no rain since the first couple of days. We thank you all for your continued prayers!

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