Letting Go Of My Pride

Ecuador TabernacleHi. My name is Karis and I am 10 years old. I have a testimony about what the Lord has done for me at the Lord’s Boot Camp. I have let go of my pride and have been getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ better. I have built my faith in Him and have learned to trust Him with everything that I have. I am also getting to know Him better through prayer. I think that ever since I came here, getting to know God was my top priority. I has been hard here, but I’m getting through it with His help. I’m really understanding the Lord better. It may be hard, I will love and enjoy the presence of the Lord forever in my life for He is the Creator, the beginning and end of everything.

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  1. Karis!! I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was on the Ecuador team with you too! 😀 I’ve been thinking and praying about all of my Ecuador buddies since 2009. It was such a great summer! If you have a facebook, I know a lot of us are on there :)That is so awesome that you can play the guitar AND you’ve written songs!

  2. I see this story and I remember it like it was yesterday :)I got saved at TMI, althought I hadn’t realized it at the time….the night of June 24 2009 I was saved in Miami Florida at boot camp. I looked for this post because recently I was looking thru my things and found things that I had saved from this trip :)It’s true that God does great things and i now can truly see that as I have recorded a CD of my own original songs at the age of thirteen only a year after teaching myself to play the guitar. I have enough songs now to record 2 more CD’s and can’t wait to see what God has in store for me on this road that he has set me on 😀 I hope that this is encouraging to you(the reader) and will help you in your walk with Christ!! <3

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