Taking Every Step With God

Nicaragua TeamGod has shown me many times that I was being called to Teen Missions. My sister was a team member and she had a great experience. I still didn’t think it was for me. That night, I said, “no” to Teen Missions. The next day God  gave me a sign in that I got mail from Teen Missions and that was the only mail we got that day. I still said, “no”! But God kept showing me signs. That Sunday, our pastor was talking about missions and how when God leads you, you should go. God was already making me stronger in Him. He told me to take one step at a time with Him. I was also to trust Him and He would give me strength. When I got to Teen Missions, I was still scared, but God was with me every step of the way like He promises. During Boot Camp, He has shown me that I am to take every step in Him and not myself. He has been doing great things for me and I know there is more to come.

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