Dig A Hole!

Baked OatmealPraising the Lord in the rain. The past 2 days it has rained which makes it very cold. The temperature most of today was in the low 50s. So the team worked extra hard to stay warm. Today the team got to finish the well. One of the team members got to help with the plumbing the pump and the new tank that was put in. They also got to run out the new pipe and put it into the well. Jake got to be in the well digging out all of the junk that collected on the bottom of the well. We will see tomorrow if all the work they did was good. We have to wait for the well’s water to settle back down before we can turn the pump back on. It is exciting to have this project done. On Sunday we got to go to church and the team got to hear it in Swedish and English. They enjoyed doing their presentation—so nice to have all those skills put good use. After church, the team got to have a coffee time where they got to meet with some of the locals. Overall the team is having a great time.

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