Playing With The Kids

BMW StudentsAll is well in Belize. The weather remains the same-hot and humid. We have had some rain, but not much. We continue to be thankful for the breeze that comes regularly. The team returned to the small town of Santa Martha on Saturday, prepared to do more evangelism through puppets and skits. The bus broke down along the way. While we were waiting, the team played volleyball with the locals, who apparently gather every evening to play. It was a good time of fellowship and the team loves playing with the little kids, even with a language barrier. It ended up being a late night by the time we got back to the base and had dinner, but we all enjoyed it! Of course, part of the enjoyment, was letting them eat lunch in town (Orange Walk). They love the local food. The footer finally got poured and the team has started laying the first row of block, which will be our floor level and they are digging ditches for our rough-in plumbing. Lord willing, we may be able to pour the floor as early as tomorrow. They are experts at mixing concrete now, so the floor should go quickly and then they can start laying lots of block. They are excited to be in a stage where they can see more progress each day. God bless you all and thanks for your prayers and letters of encouragement that keep them going.

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