We Saw A Reindeer!

ReindeerThe team is doing well. Our work is moving forward. The team has the trench waiting for the pipe they will lay on Tuesday, Lord willing. One of the new projects the team has started is taking down a small log stable inside one of the barns. They have completely taken it down. It was like a lot of lincoln logs. The plan is to move them out of the barn into a field and use it to house sheep. Some of the pieces were rotten. The team will learn how to do a LARGE Lincoln Log Cabin. The team has also started brushing down a trailer to get rid of the rust. They will be painting it black after that. They have finished stacking wood and there was a lot of it that was split. We have enjoyed wonderful weather. Today was a bit cold and the temperature was around 57° at 10AM. It has warmed up a lot since then. The team had a wonderful time on July 4. We ate hamburgers, potato salad, french fries, baked beans and chips. They also did a scavenger hunt that everyone enjoyed. The team saw a reindeer today. That was our highlight of the day!

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