Working With The Youth

GamesGreetings from Northern Ireland!!  After some sleepless travel and a day of settling in, the team is finally getting into a routine. We are all having a wonderful time in Northern Ireland.  The weather is cool compared to Boot Camp, but is considered warm to the local people. Although most of the day is overcast, the sun manages to peek out. We have had no rain yet. We have been told that it is coming….. The whole team had the opportunity to take warm showers in a nearby school. The team used words like awesome, wonderful, and fabulous in regards to the shower after being in their travel clothes for three days!! We also took a walk around the nearby neighborhoods, handing out invitation flyers for evening youth gatherings in the Fringe Youth Works Center. The team has been busy preparing for the nightly youth meetings that will happen every night except Thursdays and Sundays. The evenings are spent getting to know the local youth, interacting with them by sharing songs, testimonies, games, and snacks.  The team is excited about the meetings, praying that the Irish youth will come to know the Lord through their witness. Each team member has a specific ‘job’ during the meeting. Team members were able to exchange some money today to purchase some snacks in a store that is located across the street from the church where we are staying. The team is very healthy with just a few sniffles and some jet lag. Friday and Saturday evenings will be spent at the youth center while the team will split into two groups on Sunday to minister in two local church services. Each team member sends their greetings:  Calen says,”Hi Mom! Finally made it to Northern Ireland.” Kristin sends greetings to her family & friends!  She says,”I made it to Northern Ireland safely and it’s AMAZING. We are definitely getting it easy here compared to Boot Camp. I love you all & you will be in my prayers.” Mikkala says,”Hi Mom!! Hi Juliet, Nikki and all my best buds. Northern Ireland is awesome! Wish you guys were here too. Love you all, especially you, Mom!”  Andrea writes,”Hi Mom and family. Northern Ireland is…WOW!! And very green. I love you all.” Livy says, “Hey everyone in VA!  I love and miss you all. Northern Ireland is amazing and I’m having a fantastic time! God is going to do amazing things through us this summer!”  Lisa writes,”Hi from Northern Ireland! It’s so beautiful here. Wish you were here. So excited to see what God is going to do through us this summer. Love you.”  Alaina says, “Hey everyone! We’re here in Northern Ireland! I’ll write very soon! This summer is going to be fantastic! Love you!”  Scott writes, “Hi everyone, Ireland is AWESOME!! On the first day we got here, we were given the opportunity to start building relationships with the people.” Luis says, “Hey everybody! I love Ireland. This is going to be a great summer.” Caileigh says, “I love you my family, friends, prayer-warriors!!  Pray specifically that we will always be a model for Christ in our conversation and conduct, as it is our best witnessing tool.”  Corey writes, “I have arrived in Ireland, it’s beautiful here 18 hours of daylight. I miss everyone tons. The living conditions here are very nice and so are the people. Most people aren’t Christians here.  Love you all.”  Maggie writes, “Hey everyone: friends, family and supporters. I have been so blessed to be here. I could not have asked for a better team or project. Thank you for your prayers and constant love.”  Jordan writes, “Hi everyone! We made it here and it’s so beautiful. It’s going to be great. I love you and miss you!” Mikayla says, “Hey everyone! It’s very beautiful here, and the people are very nice and hospitable.  I hope God is blessing you in your lives like He has in mine.” Drake writes, “Hey everyone! Northern Ireland is indescribably awesome! Hope you are all doing well and having fun.” Just a few words from the team. Leaders will write a note for next time…

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