Safe Arrival In Brazil

Brazilian SlothThe Amazon River team has arrived safely at the Amazon River…Manaus to be more precise. We arrived yesterday evening after a very God-blessed journey and have settled into the Methodist Church and our wonderful host, Pastor Augusto. The team had one of those “postcard” experiences as the plane flew into Manaus and stretched out below us were the two rivers that form the majestic Amazon River. the team will have to wait until Thursday to get a closer view of the river. That’s when we have a day trip planned to see the “joining of the waters”, as well as other sights such as giant lily pads, anacondas and other wildlife. The trip had a couple of challenges. First, the airlines wouldn’t take the puppet trunk. Then they accepted it, but gave no guarantee that it would arrive with our flight. That would have meant no equipment for our presentations the first week. The team prayed and we were to happy to see upon arrival our mountain of duffels and our puppet trunk! We got stopped by security in Orlando because the water filter which was in a carry-on. The agent was kind and allowed it to be checked through. We flew three hours to Panama along with the Ecuador Preteen team. Everyone slept most of the way. Then we changed flights and flew five hours to Manaus. A short, but interesting bus ride out to the church let the team see how driving is done in Brazil. The church as air-conditioned classrooms for us to sleep in, running showers, and a dining room table to eat off. Talk about getting spoiled! Today was catch up day…catching up on laundry, memory verses, money exchanged, paperwork and kitchen set-up. The team is now getting ready for their first presentation tonight in a church on the other side of town. Luke and Christopher will be giving testimonies. Everyone is very enthusiastic  and the leadership is very blessed. We pray that this fire remains strong as we continue  serving the Lord from place to place and we see many come to know the Lord. We have presentations lined up every night this week until we set sail on Friday.

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