Safe Arrival In Thailand

Thailand Team TravelAfter what seems like FOREVER, the Thailand team has arrived safely in Ubon. It is 8 PM and everyone is asleep already! After we left commissioning night, we went to the Orlando Airport where we spent the night. Some slept, some didn’t. It is hard to sleep with the bright lights and announcements going on all night, but the team was having a good time together eating goodies and talking. We flew out at 11 AM after taking hours to check in. There were many things for the team to pray for right from the start. When we went to check in, they said that there was too much connection time between our flights in NJ and LAX, so they would not check the luggage in all the way to Bangkok. They even had the boarding passes already done before we got there. Their next request was how were we going to pay for the bags we have. So we got the team together to pray. After the Continental people talking together for at least another hour, they decided that they would try to check us in all the way to Bangkok if the computer would let them do it. So that was a major answer to prayer. The other blessing was that we weren’t expecting any food on the planes. On the Orlando to Newark flight, we had a full lunch and then on the way to LAX, we had a supper (which included cheesburgers!)and snack! We flew to Newark, then to LAX, where we were met by the OK family who brought us In and Out burgers and fries, as well as fresh fruit and cupcakes! What a blessing! Next was our 14 1/2 hour flight to Hong Kong and then 2 hours to Bangkok. All flights went well and all luggage arrived with us in Bangkok. We were met by one of our missionaries, Kris, who helped us exchange money, then we had our first taste of Thai food and went on a boat ride on the river around Bangkok. It was rainy, but we all enjoyed seeing the sites. There are many temples and spirit houses here. We then went to the train station to board our overmight train to Ubon. We left at 8:30 PM (July 8) and arrived at 6:30 AM on July 9 (today). Another answer to prayer was that they wanted to charge us for our extra pieces of luggage on the train! But the Lord worked that out for us. We spent the day settling in, getting a bath and doing laundry. Everyone is able to stay indoors to sleep which is a blessing too. Many things that we learned at Boot Camp prepared us for here and we were complimented by the missionary on how everyone is presenting themselves and is adjusting. Some of the things include bucket baths, no toilet paper in the toilets, etc. It is a little time consuming taking boots on and off to go in and out of buildings, but that is the culture here. We met with the missionaries today and found out the dos and don’ts of the Thailand culture, etc. There are 24 children here at the orphanage and we will enjoy spending time with them. Lots of opportunities are planned to share in churches and schools but you will hear about that later. Thanks to everyone for their prayers for safe travel and settle in.

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