Mud And More Mud

Mud SlideGreetings to all.  The team is doing well.  Everyone is healthy at this time!  The weather has not changed much except for more rain, which makes the road more muddy and difficult.  We have been having a few bus problems.  David and Michael have been helping with those.  The rough in plumbing has taken us a little longer than expected, especially with a lot of my attention getting diverted to getting the bus running.  We should finish up the rough in plumbing today and hopefully pour our floor tomorrow.  We hope if all goes well this next week to be able to finish the floor and then get the block walls up still.  Yesterday the team took over the Bible school at a church in Orange Walk and had a great time with the children.  There must have been close to 100 kids.  We have been blessed to have Norman, a Belizian who stays at Honey Camp with us when he is not working.  He has provided guitar for our worship times and answers a lot of questions about Belize for the team members.  He is currently working on getting his visa to go to the BMW at Teen Missions in Florida.  The team members are already thinking a little more of home, just knowing the time is getting shorter.  A couple of them asked me to tell their parents to write them, but I will not mention names, so that everyone reading this will be encouraged to write.  We are having a few challenges with the bank down here and getting all of the materials for the construction.  Please keep that in prayer, as well as the bus, that it would keep running well to get us from place to place.  Thanks for all your prayers for the health of the team members.  It is nice having them all feeling well.


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