Getting Ready To Go On The Boat

Brazil Team with TribeAmazon River team has just returned to their host church after a full day out in Manaus seeing the sights. We rented a small boat that took us out to see the “joining of the waters” that form the Amazon River. It is actually two other rivers of different colors that run side by side for about five miles without mixing. The team saw giant lilly pads in the wild, pink dolphins, and even got to hold a sloth and a decent size boa constrictor. The beauty in all the nature around us was quite amazing and I think the team finally felt like they had arrived in the Amazon Jungle. After the boat ride they all bought their hammocks for the five day boat trip to Belem, as well as a few souviners. I think this team will be called the blow dart team after seeing what most of the guys bought! Then we took a tour of the extravagant and historic Opera House before returning to the church in time to eat, get cleaned up and then back out to another church for a presentation tonight. The presentations have been a real highlight for the team as that is when they are most able to mix with the Brazilian youth. Two nights ago, everyone was pretty nervous, but last night it went very well. Cody and Stefan both gave very good testimonies and everyone introduced themselves in Portuguese. Tomorrow we will be getting on board another boat, the Cisne Branco (or White Swan), and this time we´ll be sailing down the Amazon on what will probably be a great adventure for us all. Everyone is doing fine health wise. We had some national food today for lunch and I was quite proud to see most of them taking a plate of various side dishes and eating without hesitation. Christian, Ian and Ryan chose hotdogs instead, but no one will be able to run the next five days as it will either be the yummy beans and rice that the boat cooks serve up or else it will be peanut butter sandwiches. I’m sure they will all quickly learn to love the national food. Of course, Vanja has prepared a few goody packs to spoil them along the way. We will only be stopping briefly at a few ports over the next few days. In a town called Santarem, we will have a few hours but it will be on Sunday so I won´t be able to get an email out. I´m afraid everyone will have to wait until next Wednesday for our next update. We are so disappointed that one of our leaders, Rachael, is still in Florida waiting for her visa. We miss you Rach and sorry you’ll only catch up with us in Belem but we know that all things are in the Lord´s hands. Keep trusting Him and we´ll see you soon.


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