Our Travels And Arrival

Our LuggageThe Germany Preteen team made is safely to Germany. We had no problems checking our luggage or ourselves in to fly to Germany and all our luggage was waiting for us in Frankfurt. We praise God for His faithfulness and goodness to us in our travels. Our kids were pro’s at moving luggage by the time we actually got to leave Florida. We thought we were leaving on the 7th, but our plane tickets were for the 8th. We had a relaxing time at the airport on the 7th before the TMI bus came to pick us up to return us to Boot Camp. The morning of the 8th, we helped Mr. Bob in the Literature Warehouse by collating 600 teen verse packet- they were in French and will be used in the Congo in Africa. We needed to be busy and stay clean until we left again for the airport. We were greeted at the Frankfurt airport by Tobias from Camp Siloah. A three-hour bus ride got us to Siloah in Neufrankenfoda, near Erfurt. The Siloah staff had prepared a hot meal for us which we enjoyed. Then we set up our tents and moved in. We have a large army tent that we are using for our kitchen and have tables and benches to use for meals. It stays light quite late here- it was strange to go to bed while it was still light out, but we were tired from our travels. Shortly after we turned in, it began to rain, and has been raining off and on all day (Friday). We went on a tour of Siloah this morning and learned more of what we will be doing during our stay here. The team has been practicing music, puppets and testimonies this afternoon. We will have many opportunities to do presentations with people from the many camping groups that will be coming to Siloah. God has provided many ways for us to be of help while we are here at Siloah. Until next time. . . .


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