Safe Arrival In Australia

Hi there all! We are letting you all know that we arrived safely at the TMIA base today. We had a somewhat eventful trip over. One of the team members needed to see a doctor at Orlando airport so one of our leaders took her there but was not able to get back to the departure gate in time to get on the flight with the rest of the team, They arrived just as the plane was moving away from the gate. But God was in control and we were able to reunite with them in LA with half an hour to spare before the team took off to Auckland. That was an answer to prayer because the NZ flight was delayed half an hour and the flight the two came in to LA on was 10 min early. There was only half an hour to spare before they would have missed the team going to NZ. The added bonus was that they got to travel first class to LA. Thirteen pieces of baggage never turned up in Brisbane, but we were told that they have now arrived and are getting couriered up to our base this evening. The team enjoyed spotting the kangaroos as they drove onto the base. They also had devotions after lunch, watching the roos munch away and observe the new bunch of strange people that have arrived. The weather has been dry lately – certainly much cooler than Boot Camp, and much less humidity. The team is loving the new environment and will probably be looking forward to a good night’s sleep. We are planning on doing half a day’s work tomorrow to get into a routine – there sure is plenty of work to be done – maybe cementing in some pipes for the BMW buildings tomorrow. Blessings on you all


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