Safe Arrival In Nepal

Nepal Boat RideAfter Commissioning Night, the team stayed up to pick up all the plywood under the Big Top.  We began working at 10:30 p.m., worked very hard, and finished around 1:45 a.m.  After sleeping in the next day, the team had time to do some laundry, pack up duffles, and then went to Hannah Smouse’s friends’ house for dinner and swimming.  On Tuesday morning, the team finished packing up and left Boot Camp after lunch, heading for the Orlando Airport.  We had no problems checking in ourselves and our luggage or going through security.  Our three flights all went smoothly, and 40 hours after leaving Orlando airport, we arrived in Katmandu yesterday.  Thankfully, all of our luggage had arrived safely, and we had no difficulty obtaining our visas or going through customs. We had a bus waiting for us, and the team enjoyed the many sights and sounds of Katmandu on the ride to Mendies Haven.  We met the missionaries we will work with as well as the children who live in the children’s home.  Even after only a couple of hours, several team members declared their intention of returning to Mendies sometime in the future.  Today the team is getting settled in, and we are all excited to begin working on the various projects which need to be done around the property. We are all thanking God for our safe travels as well as for the beautiful place we have to work in this summer. The weather is clear, around 80 during the day and around 60 at night.

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