Combined Reports

Zambia Foot WashingParents: There has been a problem with the emails for the Zambia FW coming through. They resent them last night and I am posting all of them here. Thank you for your patience!

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Our team went out into the bush on June 26 when we traveled to Funda in the back of the Teen Missions truck. It was a seven hour drive with lots of pot holes and dusty roads. We arrived and set up tents and the kitchen. On June 27, we started washing feet. Keegan was the nurse and he did a great job for the foot washers. Joseph, Natalie, Brittany, Kendr and Katrina was the foot washers. It was a moving time as the team washed the feet of the orphans and prayed with them. Jenna, Paul, Nick, Ryan and Stephanie sorted shoes and supplied the shoes and socks to the foot washers. Jessica, Olivia, Luke, Caleb and Arielle played with the orphans. Each day we rotated the team so everyone got a chance to do everything. On Sunday, we went to a church in Funda and the team did a presentation. We had a wonderful time in Funda. At night we had a campfire and devotions. Keegan and Paul played for us. 124 pairs of shoes were given out.

On July 2, we moved from Funda to Luswishi. Again we spent the morning setting ups tents and the kitchen. That afternoon, we sorted shoes and also washed 20 orphans feet. They had walked a great distance and needed to return home. We did some TMI classes and got the firewood ready for our evening fire. On Friday, some went to town for supplies and to do reports. The rest of the team stayed back and worked on presentations, washing clothes and bathing. On Sunday, we went to church and did a presentation. We all enjoyed the African church service. On Monday, we washed the orphans feet, played games with them, etc. On Tuesday, we went for a long hike and did presentations in five different churches. One person gave their life to Christ. On July 4, Joe, Anna, Dorah, Nick and Jessica made some curry which was full of spices and no-bake cookies. All are healthy and doing well. We washed 140 orphans’ feet, but could not reach 60 orphans who lived across the river. However, we did leave shoes for them.

We have moved from Luswihi to Mukema and have started washing feet here. It is cold here with a bit of frost on the ground. The temperatures dip to the 30’s at night, but up to the 70’s during the day.


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